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Due to the freezing temperatures at this time of the year ,the risk of liquids freezing increases. When ordering products that are at risk, be aware that we are not responsible for any damage caused. To help preserve the products, we will always require a signature for the packages release to ensure that it doesn't stay outside for a long period of time. even it is well wrapped in the package. We can always arrange a Pick up or Drop Off. Contact us for these options.


In may 2019, Freejump acquired Oscar & Gabrielle, the pioneer brand for airbags’ compatible (Helite Zip’In) competition jackets.

Martin Fuchs started this adventure with the brand in July 2019, for the first time riding the legendary Grand Prix of Aix la Chapelle in Oscar & Gabrielle jacket and Helite Zip’in Airbag.

In December 2019, Martin Fuchs won the Geneva Grand Prix with the prototype of the new Freejump Airbag jacket, only a few months after becoming the new European Champion.

After 8 months of R&D in collaboration with Helite, this new Freejump Airbag, is the result of their dedication for innovation, their desire for ever greater performance, comfort and safety for riders.

FREEJUMP is proud to announce the commercial launch of this new range “Freejump Airbag Technology” with the Freejump Airbag and compatible clothing lines.

It will soon be available in store!